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Picture of my cat Caribou as a kitten, click here to go home
Robert Pattinson opening his shirt in the film New Moon, click to see the hand woven tapestry When you live forever, what do you live for?
Picture of molten bronze breaking from the belly of plaster male torso on a sand pit with a sunset in the background, click to watch Fanny Aboulker’s video ‘I came her to learn to live by clichés’
A pixelated image of a cat called patapouf.
Marker pen drawing of a meat shot taken from the film ‘The Opening of Misty Beethoven’, click to see Mechanical reproduction, a handwoven tapestry
A hand drawn in felter pen with tongues instead of fingers. It is layered on a split image with a pink sky on top and a mouth opened with the tongue coated in pink food.
Man wearing a knitted ab top
Man wearing a knitted ab top


Documentation of the performance #myimaginarydick at Nohat festival in Bedford.

Photographs by Chiara Mac Call

First performed for Love is colder than capitalism curated by Hana Janeckova at Hotel Ozone in 2017.

The performance takes the embroidery #myimaginarydick as a starting point for a narration about gender, the transmission of skills and of stories from my grand-mothers and how to use pornography to convey the physicality of a difficult story.

It cycles through material taken from among others Testo junkie by Paul B. Preciado, The subversive stitch by Roszica Parker, Twilight breaking dawn part 2, extract from my grand-mother testimonial about her experience in Auschwitz, Baise-moi by Virginie Despentes.

It explores techniques in lecture performance like priming (how looking or listening to an unrelated text or story will influence how you will read the next piece of information), or the relationship between text and images, and the different texture of attentions (watching someone talk versus reading a scrawling text on screen).

By jumping between disconnected subjects, it forces the spectator to make out those missing links and thus creating new meanings in the gap.

It evolves in each iteration of the performance and is a way for me to weave together all the different strands of my research.

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