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Picture of my cat Caribou as a kitten, click here to go home
Robert Pattinson opening his shirt in the film New Moon, click to see the hand woven tapestry When you live forever, what do you live for?
A hand drawn in felter pen with tongues instead of fingers. It is layered on a split image with a pink sky on top and a mouth opened with the tongue coated in pink food.
Collage of a woman with a tongue instead of a head and high heels instead of hands, balancing on her belly on an exercise ball, click to watch Fanny Aboulker’s video Licking plastic
Marker pen drawing of a meat shot taken from the film ‘The Opening of Misty Beethoven’, click to see Mechanical reproduction, a handwoven tapestry
Man wearing a knitted ab top
Projection of a pink scren with written imaginary dick in white letters on the work my imaginary dick
Pixelated dick pic
Hand holding a cigarette to the back of a knee, click to watch Fanny Aboulker’s video Life of a CEO

I came here to  learn to live by cliches


Video 7'14.

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